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Ecos Quick Guideline

ESA is publishing this series of quick guidelines to support the ECOS Users in using ECOS for producing all financials details of their proposals.

It is not much about the ECOS features per se, which are addressed in the Training Manuals also available on this website but more about properly using ECOS in the context of specific procurement processes.

This page is intended to address the most frequent demands from the Users on how to do things. It is not intended to be a full reference about Procurement processes in general but rather a description about how to handle such concepts within the frame of ECOS.

Easy steps to build a good WBS
ESCALATION and VARIATION tables in Rate Files
PT/WBS in ECOS for SW intensive projects
How to handle subcontractors
Turbo Data Entry
Fast Track Procedure

Using own Work Packages numbering system

Price Matrix Summary

Payment Plan

How to handle large matrices

Ecos for small proposal