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Release of ECOS 5.3

        ECOS version 5.3 release is available from this month of June 2018 to all ESA bidders.

It is worth for all ESA Staff involved in the evaluation of offers to schedule their lunch break at 12h00 (or anybody using ECOS files or willing to use ECOS files) and attend the one-hour presentation that may be eye-opening on the powerful analysis features offered by the New ECOS 5.3.

ECOS Reader, the companion application of ECOS, is available for all ESA evaluators to exploit the content of the ECOS Tender files.

The main new features of ECOS 5.3 concerns the following:

  • Implementation of a comprehensive Fixed Unit Price feature (FUP)

  • Improved features for creation of projects easing the use of ECOS for smaller projects

  • Implementation of the ESA-STAR Entity code in parallel of the ECOS Company code. The user can indifferently use one code or the other when producing reports.