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 With ECOS, the price proposal work can be partitioned through the industrial structure, and the proposals can be generated and passed to higher levels electronically. The information presented is conform to the ESA standard costing and pricing requirements introduced in the ESA Conditions to Tender, and represented by the ESA PSS-A forms (Procedures, Standards and Specifications). An important feature in this process is the computerized integration of data at successive levels of the contract hierarchy, thus avoiding the onerous task of manual integration of data from several sources, a task that is both time-consuming and prone to errors.

 The software package is distributed to companies doing business with ESA free of charge and ESA periodically organises free training courses in ESTEC.

A Self-Training Manual can also be downloaded together with the installation software or as stand-alone download document at any time.

From 2004, ECOS is under the full responsibility of the ESA Cost Engineering Section (TEC-SYC).

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