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How to handle large matrices

This guideline comes as a complement to the one called "Using Price Matrix Summary". Please read Using Price Matrix Summary Quick Guideline if not yet done so before reading this one.

Some Invitation To Tender, usually for large projects, may require the production of large price tables.

Satisfying this requirement so far required extensive manual information handling, both a tedious and error-prone exercise.


Taking benefit of the newly developed feature called "Using Price Matrix Summary", an extension of it has been implemented to handle such large tables.

The specific context of large tables led to the inclusion of additional two sub-features:

  • The concept of Matrix size (Regular, Large, X-Large). Regular Matrix rows and columns are coded on one digit, while a Large Matrix is coded with 2 digit indexes and an X-Large matrix with three digits.

  • The use of wild card system in ECOS PT/WBS or User Numbering codes

The development of a secondary report 5111 producing the PT/WBS breakdown according to various options.

The lists produced are reused to define batch filter lines. The support of lists is necessary considering that typically hundreds of Batch Filter lines will be necessary for large tables.