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Ensures consistency of data and guarantees the total price aggregation including in highly complex industrial team structures cases.

ESA PSS-A Creation

 Enables automatic printing of ESA PSS-A forms conformal to ESA requirements.

Tender Integration

​Enables computerized tender integration at each contractual level.

Presentation of Information

Provides a clear presentation of information and reduces paper volume.

Info Attachment

Incorporates information concerning the technical and programmatic baseline relevant to the cost proposal.

Tender Analysis

Enables detailed, fair and rapid analysis of tenders at any level.

Proposal Updating

Provides flexibility when proposal data needs to be changed at short notice.

Impact and Price Simulation

Allows the impact of changes to be simulated and facilitates updates of proposals in order to reflect the prices that are finally negotiated.

Cost System interface

Allows interfacing with internal company computerized costing system.

Input Flexibility

Allows flexibility of input level detail, and allows information to be presented or extracted at any level.


Provides commercial confidentiality.