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ECOS for small proposal – An example

ECOS can conveniently be used for preparing small proposals. Like for any other software, the more acquainted you become the more time saving you may expect in preparing your financial proposals even for small ones.

This Quick Guideline, based on a real  ITT for a technology development, demonstrates how to proceed. It illustrates three possible cases in growing order of complexity:

  • The bidder is a single contractor

  • The bidder includes Budgetary sub-cos provisions

  • The bidder involves some sub-contractors in the bidding process


We evaluate that if you have all the necessary information at your hand, producing all required PSS-A forms for the cases 1 and 2 will take you no more than half an hour

For the case 3, your personal effort is not much more. What may constrain the overall process in this last case, is the time for receiving the tender file from your sub-contractor(s). This is beyond ECOS matter as such.